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aLLreLi Micro USB OTG Cable

  • This Micro USB Host OTG cable works for connecting OTG function.
  • With this Micro USB Host OTG cable, you can connect your device to most USB Flash Drive, Mouse & Keyboard.
  • It also works with external hard disk, BUT you need external power source for the hard disk.
  • It should also work with non-power hungry card reader. Total length of this cable is about 12 cm including the plug.

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USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated USB OTG, is a specification that allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host allowing a USB Flash Drive, mouse, or keyboard to be attached. USB On-The-Go (OTG) allows two USB devices to talk to each other without requiring the services of a personal computer (PC)

It can works well with all Android devices WITH custom ROM/Kernel that support USB Host mode. Please make sure that your device Support OTG function first!

Popular Compatible Device (List is not complete):

Google: Nexus 5 / 7 / 10
Samsung: Galaxy S2 S3 S4 S5 Note 2 3 | Galaxy Note 8.0 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition | Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 10.1 | Galaxy Note pro 12.2, Tab pro 12.2 / 10.1 / 8.4 | Galaxy Tab S 8.4 / 10.5 / 13.3
Motorola: Moto G Phone | Xoom Tablet
HTC: HTC One M7 M8
Nokia: Lumia 2520 Tablet | Nokia 603 | Asha 300 | C6-01 | C7 E6 E7 | N8
Toshiba: TG01 | encore
Tesco: HUDL 7″ plus
Acer: Iconia B1-720 | B1-730 HD | A1-830 | A1-840 FHD A1-810 | W3-810 | Memo Pad HD 7 / 10
Lenove: Thinkpad 8 | IdeaTab A7-40, A7-30, A8-50, A10-7
LG: G3 G Pad 8.3 7.0 8.0 10.1
Sony: Xperia Z2 Miro/U/S/T/M/M2/SP/P/Z/Z1/Compact/Z2/Ultra/Z
Dell: Venue 7 / 8 / 8 Pro

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OTG Cable Using Tips:

  1. You can connect a mouse, 2.4Ghz usb receiver, PS controller and keyboard to your OTG enabled smartphone and tablets.
  2. [Full OTG Function Required] You also can connect a USB Flash Drive (FAT or exFAT format), non-power hungry Card Reader and Hard Drive (Required additional power source to power the drive) to your FULL OTG Functions enabled smartphone and tablets
  3. For Nexus 7 Users, you should install a free app “Nexus photo viewer”or a paid app “Nexus Media Importer”to access full OTG function.


To check whether the cable is defective or not, just connect a mouse to your phone or tablet via this otg cable.

  1. If you can use mouse via this cable, the item is not defective, please format your SD card or usb stick to FAT16 or FAT32, FAT & NTFS are the most common formats for SD and USB Drives (please backup your data before you format it). -If you are using an SD card reader, put the card in the reader first.
    “Nexus media importer” is only for unrooted nexus 7, if you already rooted your nexus 7, please use “stickmount” app, if you want connect hard drive to your nexus 7, please provide a power source for it.
  2. If you can not use mouse via this cable, and your device support OTG function , please contact us and we will dispatch a new one to you.

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