REIDEA Lavalier Lapel Microphone, 3.5 MM TRRS Compatible Jack


Do you like recording your videos at home or on the street, but the built-in microphone produces terrible sound quality? Are you shooting videos in noisy public places (airport, train stations, stadiums, concerts, parties…) with your iPhone / Android smartphones, but only hear the noise, not your voice? Are you looking for a dependable lavalier microphone to record your voice? Please let REIDEA help you solve the problems, We would like to present our Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone: EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE IN ANY SITUATION! Durable wind muffs and metal clip that holds the microphone firmly on any clothing. Noise reduction feature, recording clean and clear sound. It performs significantly better than majority of the built-in microphones. Whether you need a mic to voice call from home or record outdoors on your iPhone, REIDEA has built our microphones to perform in any situation! DESIGNED TO WORK WITH MUTI DEVICES! 3.5mm TRRS jack fits your iPhone, Android, Windows phone & iPad, iPod touch. You simply plug the microphone into these devices by the jack and clip it onto your clothes. COMPLETE HASSLE FREE SET! Each purchase comes with an extension cord(1.5m)and leather sachets for your convenience. You can toss the entire set into your bag, then carry with you wherever you go..

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