Fur & Lint Remover

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  • 【Effortlessly & Efficiently】 Follow the direction or grain of the bristles when brushing (going against the grain, not going with the grain). Next, dip the brush into the self-cleaning base and pull it out to remove the collected fur or lint from the brush, which remains in the collection tray at the bottom of the base. Lastly, pull out the tray and discard the contents. Simple and quite amazing!
  • 【Reusable & Eco Friendly】 No refills required like the traditional lint rollers, there’s completely reusable and there are no sticky papers! All you have to do is dip the brush into the cleaning base and pull it out. You no longer have to waste money on refills. Save time and money!
  • 【Double-Side Design】 This lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush. Unique design allows you to clean 2X as much surface area as a single sided brush giving you the ability to clean your furniture, clothing or anything in between in half the amount of time. It makes cleaning speedy and convenient and is a must-have cleaning tool for your clothes and furniture.
  • 【Self-Cleaning Base】 You can clean the brush with a simple dip inside. All lint and pet hair is trapped inside of the base in which you can easily open and dump in the trash once you have finished cleaning.
  • 【Travel Size Brush Included】 Add the travel size brush to your purse, car, or even pocket to clean lint or pet hair on the go. Just like the standard brush, easily slid the brush into the attached case to clean and open the bottom to empty, simple as that!


Is your couch/carpet/bed/car seat coated with fur? Are you worried that the bacteria from this furry environment may cause health concerns for you and your pets? 
Now our fur brush could help you solve this problem. Easily sweep away all the fur and leave a clean environment, void of fur floating around to protect you and your pet's health. 
The perfect tool for every pet owner! Keep your entire house, including your couch, the carpet, your bed free of pet hair and lint. Even keep your car clean with the travel size! Never worry about showing up at an important meeting or event with pet hair or lint on you with the portable travel size brush. 

How to Use: 
① Follow the direction of bristles when in use: Swipe it against the grain (rough) on items. If you brush with the grain (smooth) or move the brush in a back-and-forth motion, it will not pick up as much hair, fur or lint as it should. 
② Once the brush is covered with mess, dip the brush into the self-cleaning base and pull it out to remove any buildup from the brush. Immediately the brush is ready for use. 
③ The fur or lint are collected into the collection tray at the bottom of the base. Simply open the tray and dispose of the content when the base is full. 

△ Condition: 100% Brand New 
△ Material: ABS + Cloth 
△ Color: Blue + White 

Package Includes: 
√ 1 x Fur and lint remover brush
√ 1 x Self-cleaning base
√ 1 x Travel size fur and lint remover brush with base
√ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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